Message from the President


Message from the President Holly Aragon Jones

I recently read this article that really reflects on how valuable this organization is to your son’s participation in music.  We all realize that Young people are extremely busy these days. They have an infinite variety of choices, therefore you are right when you ask, “Is my son’s singing in a boychoir a good choice?” As parents, you want to know that choral singing has tremendous benefit to your son’s intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development in many ways.Studies have shown that young people who sing in choirs:

  • Do better in their school studies, especially in mathematics
  • Develop personal confidence and overcome shyness when speaking in public
  • Have a tendency to be healthier and are sick less often
  • If a stutterer, do not stutter when singing
  • Acquire improved abilities to speak and enunciate more clearly
  • If ESL, learn the language faster and better
  • Have better posture and body alignment
  • Learn to breathe properly
  • Make lasting friendships

We as humans, so the neurologists say, are hard-wired to make music. Singing in choirs is the most natural way to make music and express oneself.By encouraging your son to sing in a choir and to learn how to demonstrate excellence as a group, as a parent you’re making an investment of incalculable worth in your child’s life. You are giving them the gift of music — indeed a “lifelong joy.”So Thank you parents, alumni, and supporters for your dedication to Florida’s Singing Sons Boychoir. As any parent who has had a son go through the program will tell you, it has been an experience that will carry on with them for the rest of their lives.